Unified Cybersecurity Management

Simplifying the "Dark Art" of Information Security


Experienced, certified personnel available to advise and implement a variety of cyber-security services.

Security Framework

An holistic approach to cybersecurity through strategic, operational and tactical methodologies


We constantly review and research how cybersecurity is managed to ensure you're one step ahead

Our Services & Solutions

We understand that different clients, in different sectors, have different requirements relating to cybersecurity. CounterThreat services are designed to not only help you identify and remediate weak points, but also to educate your business and promote better employee security awareness within your company. We are able to tailor our services in almost every way, with as much or as little input from your organisation as is appropriate, using on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

We demonstrate to senior management that cybersecurity is not simply an IT function but a business function employing a variety of controls (people and processes, not just technology) to address specific security concerns. Approaching security in this way helps to guide your company to understand the next logical step when defining a security strategy.

The Framework

Designed from the ground up, the Cyber-Security Management Framework is comprised of Strategic, Operational and Tactical elements.

It addresses the full lifecycle for cybersecurity to ensure a strong security posture, which in reality means enhancing protection, detection and response capabilities. However, with a threat landscape constantly changing, it becomes imperative that organisations have the ability to respond and adapt to the latest threats with minimal intervention from personnel.

Services offered within the framework address such requirements; whilst tracking Indicators of Compromise (IoC) is commonplace, the approach is reactive. Attackers have already breached some part of your infrastructure and are seeking a way to create an established foothold from which to conduct further attacks (pivoting).

CounterThreat therefore prefer to blend IoC tracking with Indicator of Attack (IoA) management. This allows your organisation to take a more proactive approach to defending your environment.

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Defines direction of cybersecurity through governance and planning

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The strategy defines what the cybersecurity program must address

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This mandates how controls are applied to secure the enterprise environment

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CTLabs Research

Research is important because despite significant investment, security operations are failing to evolve as quickly as their adversaries. For most organisations, it comes down to three core challenges; cyber threats are more sophisticated than ever, the skills gap keeps widening, and regulatory pressures increase the cost and complexity of solutions.

CounterThreat Labs was formed to address such concerns by investigating the latest threats and security trends, assessing the 'actual' risk (rather than theoretical issues) before providing cost effective solutions. We firmly believe that by continuallly investigating potential cause and effects of a variety of situations, industry is able to stay one step ahead of attackers (or at the very least keep up with them!).

Academic Research

Research is paramount in order to prove a theory and contribute to developing knowledge. CounterThreat firmly believe that by continually investigating potential cause and affects of a variety of situations, industry is able to stay one step ahead of the attackers (or at least keep up with them). Some of staff are involved in a variety of research and training, ranging from risk assessment methodologies to crisis management simulations. Furthermore, we are also keen on enhancing immersive training solutions to help ensure new theories become a practical solution, rather than theory based concepts.

Simulations & Training

There is little point implementing technical security measures or introducing new procedures to an organisation if your staff don't understand their responsibilities or how their actions can affect the outcome of a situation. CounterThreat have implemented various training programs to address complex business requirements, from disaster recovery and business continuity, to crisis and risk management. Furthermore, our simulations engage students in "deep learning" that ensures students understand and not simply "remember" which is often associated with "surface learning".

Nexus Applied Informatics

So what exactly is Applied Informatics? It is often considered a subset of Artificial Intelligence whereby the system is designed to interpret and react to information rather than requiring a program designed to solve a specific problem in a predetermined manner. Whilst Nexus AI does provide a level of automation and intelligence to assessing information risk, we actually retain a small level of human intervention with the majority of our operations, simply because research has proven that human instinct can become invaluable, even if it is not fully understood.

About CounterThreat


What We Do

We live in a world where advanced criminal groups and nation-states actively aim to steal, disrupt from, and compromise businesses, organisations, and governments when left unchecked. Rapid advances in technology improve collaboration and B2B but introduce additional avenues of attack. Despite significant investment, security operations are failing to evolve as quickly as such adversaries. For most organisations, it comes down to three core challenges; cyber threats are more sophisticated than ever, the skills gap keeps widening and regulatory pressures increase the cost and complexity of the solutions.

This increased complexity of today’s infrastructures means organisations often don’t have the in house skills and resources required to adequately secure their networks. With the added fact the time from intrusion to attack has dramatically lessened, it is more important to detect threats faster than ever before.

CounterThreat offer proactive cybersecurity solutions and services designed to give clients an advisory-first approach to reduce risk, define and implement strategies to make security an enabler of change. By working with us, you'll get impartial end-to-end security services; this ranges from advisory to comprehensive managed cyber security services.


Why Choose Us?

Routefiftyfour is a UK based consultancy, experienced in providing cybersecurity solutions for financial institutions, public sector, critical national infrastructure, law firms and retail. Having provided a number of bespoke solutions, it became apparent that many organisations lack the strategic and tactical elements that are critical securing data. The CounterThreat service was subsequently created to solve complex problems that help minimise business risk whilst maximising opportunity.

Security starts with strategy! Our practitioners will help you design a strategy aligned with your business needs and appetite for risk, whilst offering the optimum return on your environment. Once your security strategy has been defined, CounterThreat's advisors use a full portfolio of security services, structured as specialist practises, to protect your organisation.

We ensure our knowledge is passed on to our client's management and technical teams, innovating with them and putting the correct technology to work with the organisation. Furthermore, CounterThreat is dedicated to research, ensuring we don't simply employ generic 'cookie cutter' solutions that only partially address security issues; our unified approach helps mitigate these shortcomings.